Frequently asked questions

What type of cookies does Sugar Moon create ?

Sugar Moon creates cookies that are almond sugar cookies, (vanilla on request) decorated with royal icing. Each batch is baked fresh with love and care.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

We are unable to accommodate allergy restrictions, since our cookies include eggs, butter and flour. We do not have peanuts in our cookies, however they are produced in a kitchen with peanuts.

What are the cookie prices ?

Cookie prices average $3 - $6 per cookie. Larger cookies or more elaborate designs are priced a little bit higher. Please limit one design per dozen. The minimum order for all orders is 1 (one) dozen.

How are cookies packaged for shipping ?

We wrap all cookies individually, then place them in a bakery box. When shipped we ensure that your cookies will be very secure with lots of bubble wrap. We try to ensure your cookies will arrive in one piece. A cookie may crack or break, however it will still taste amazing. We will not refund orders unless 50% of the order is broken or destroyed.

Can I recieve a refund ?

We will not refund orders unless 50% of the order is broken or destroyed.

When should I order, what is the order process ?

Please allow 3-4 weeks notice for all orders. We will review the order, then confirm with you. Once your order has been accepted, we will accept your payment within 3 business days. A non-refundable payment is required for all orders. I do not secure orders unless a payment has been made.

What is your Cancellation Policy ?

Cancellation Policy; Once a payment has been processed, the order is non-refundable/transferrable. This allows us to accommodate as many orders as possible, also giving the care and consideration each order requires.

Shipping rates and more

Shipping Rates on all orders: Up to $49 = $10 Priority Shipping $50 and Above = $15 Priority Shipping Free Local Delivery - Hand-delivered to your door within a 20-mile radius of Manchester, NH I can always give you an estimate of arrival, however not an exact shipping date. Any overnight/express/guaranteed shipping, contact us for a quote.

How to Order

All orders can be placed through the website or email at

How are payments accepted ?

All payments are accepted through PayPal.